Monday, 6 May 2013

Korea 3 - Saturday 4 May

Saturday 4 May

Guess what? I made it to the early morning prayer meeting! The church was only a few minutes from the hotel. There were around 300 people present at 5.30am. Unlike the early prayer meeting I attended on my first visit to Korea the minister preached for about 40 minutes this time. Apparently this happens at most early morning meetings. After the sermon the minister led in prayer during which the people also prayed as they sat in their pews accompanied by a piano! I doubt we could incorporate this into our KFC early morning prayer meeting! The video clip below gives you an idea of what it was like.

After breakfast we were given a video presentation of Korean culture at a Korean restaurant, followed by a session of discussion as to how how to build on this conference and develop relationships further. The restaurant also provided various Korean cultural items of entertainment in music and dance, for observation not participation I hasten to add! Korean costume is so beautiful and colourful as you can see from the clip below.

The afternoon gave us a choice between attending a meeting to explain a venture in Europe called Refo500, and a tour of various sites of interest in Korean church history. I chose neither, deciding instead to rest back at the hotel. I had already seen the sites on previous visits and was more in need of sleep than anything else.
The conference is going well and the programme well packed, some would say too much so. There are nearly 30 people at the conference from outwith Korea, from 11 countries. The main difficulty will be in carrying things forward from the Conference and in establishing what the ultimate aim of it has been. It has certainly been good to have shared in discussing the variety of situations found in Reformed Churches in the countries represented here.

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