Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Korea 5

Monday 6 May

Back to lectures today. In plenary session we began with a Korean professor, Dr
Jaesung Kim, who spoke eloquently about Reformed Theology in Korea, It's Origin and Transplantation. His grasp of theological development in Europe was impressive let alone his knowledge of how it had been transplanted to Korea and then developed there. Dr Julius Medenblik, of Calvin College, USA spoke on rethinking the leadership of higher education and he was followed by another Korean professor, female this time, Prof Heeja Kim
the first female vice-president of Chongshin University, who gave an inspiring lecture on Korean "Bible Women" and how they were and are a spiritual "engine" in the church. These "Bible Women" have an honoured place in the Korean church, acting as missionaries and evangelists.

After lunch we had an afternoon of lectures in various rooms again. I attended one given by Dr Joseph Pipa,
Greenville Theological Seminary, USA. His lecture was on worship in the Reformed tradition.

I then delivered my lecture on "The Letter of Jude and its relevance to Reformed Theology." Around 30 students attended and I can say that I enjoyed and felt uplifted by the experience.

Each lecture is followed by an evaluation given by a Korean lecturer or Professor and then for a few minutes students may ask questions on the lecture subject. I think I managed to cope, but then we have good preparation for this kind of situation by having to open the Ceist! One thing at least in hich we are ahead of the Koreans!

At 3.30pm a Korean musical was held for our benefit. This was a moving and a very professional account of the life of Pastor Joo, a Korean minister of the Presbyterian Church tortured and killed by the Japanese when they ruled Korea. The acting was very good conveying dramatically the pastor's inquisition, his family's trauma and also his death.

We had dinner together at  Korean restaurant on the way back to the hotel. Beginning to see images of sirloin steak, creamed potatoes etc! Not that I dislike Korean food, but I like home fare much more. But then again at home I am just thoroughly spoiled!

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